Things you must know before buying a safe

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What do you think is a safe or vault store? Is it a mere metal box? What are the things you must consider while purchasing a safe? Is it size? Is it the cost of the safe? Or something else?

Well, we will be answering all of these questions as you read ahead.

A safe is more than a mere metal box. So, you might find a number of experts’ advice out there about security safes before you purchase one for yourself. However, the information available might be conflicting for the buyers. But we can help you with some clear points that you can focus on during purchasing a safe.

Why is it important to consider things before purchasing a safe? Ignoring some crucial considerations while investing in a security safe can incur you huge loss. It might risk some of your valuables as well. Hence, it is vital to consider all the important aspects before you buy a safe to keep your valuables secure.

We have narrowed down some very important things into simple points to assist you in making the right choice while purchasing a safe, as follows:

• Not all of them offer equal safety levels
You can find a variety of designs and sizes as you start searching for a vault box. Some of them come with fire and burglary protection, while others do not. Moreover, the steel type and thickness also differ from one product to another. Not making the right choice means a screwdriver or a hammer can easily break the safe.

Also, the door should be well built. Look for items that have solid steel plating to provide high-level safety and security. Then you should not be overlooking the fire ratings of the safe you are purchasing. If it has less than 1-hour fire rating then it is definitely not the right choice as it would not be able to survive a mere house or office fire.

• Fire-proof is not equal to burglary proof
If you are relying on a fire-proof safe for something valuable then it is not the wise thing to do. A fire-proof safe is the right choice if you wish to have resistance against fire, smoke and water too for some extent.

Fire-proof safes are appropriate for important documents, some cash and other such things that are prone to catch fire easily and get destroyed. But you cannot rely on a fire-proof safe to offer you safety for a huge sum of cash, jewellery or some precious stones. The metal used in fireproof safes are thin and cannot provide safety against burglary as it can be easily punctured or cut.

• Low content value means the wrong choice
Being a wise customer, you should be investing money in a product that can serve you the best and most. Isn’t it wise to buy a safe that can give you protection against fire as well as a burglary at the same time? You can go around and check the rating and content value for your safety considerations and then make the right choice, as a good safe is likely to have high ratings with good content value.

Lastly, you can consider the type of safe you need on the basis of items you wish to store and places available for it. Most importantly, ensure that you put your trust in a reputable company while you start looking for security safes.

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