JSH Security Marketing (UK) Ltd is a U.K based security company since 1997 that specialises in the supply and installation of in-room safes.

We have various models on offer from our wide range of electronic safes, but we are also able to come up with individualised safes according to the customer’s requirements.

We have a spectrum of customers from small boutique hotels to the 5-stars luxury hotels. The company has won the confidence of customers through its reputation as a quality supplier of security safes.

Our safes are superior to our main rivals in many ways and we have a long history as a reliable supplier. We are very proud with our After Sale service, each of our customers could be our reference.

Currently represented in more than 70 countries, with over 1 million installations, we ensure that both the hotel and hotel guests enjoy every benefit that comes with our high quality products.

In our factory we are devoted to the research, development and manufacturing of security systems that are amongst the best in the world. Through this we have developed a reputation based on reliability and dependability, with over 30 years of efficient and courteous service.

All the security equipment manufactured and marketed by us conforms to the highest international standards in material used and finishing quality. They are independently tested and evaluated by international renowned research and standards centres, fully endorsed and approved by major hotel chains worldwide, for use in their hotel rooms.


The factory has dedicated its expertise for over 30 years to the research, development and manufacturing of high-end security systems, which have been approved by leading sources and believed to be the most advanced systems worldwide. Its reliability, courteous service and strong backing have acquired an honest reputation with our suppliers and customers.

Our production of safes and accessories comprises a wide range of items to satisfy the needs of every customer. Our great flexibility also helps us to achieve this aim.

The factory is totally dedicated to providing its customers with unparalleled service, logistics, flexibility and high quality products that are cost effective and delivering optimum performance with continuous technical support and long term partnering.

Our focus and dedication in this specialist field have resulted in significant
technology advances and production process improvements providing a high level of support for our customers. Our dedicated professionals are committed to customer specifications, drawings and applications.

With our positive attitude and dynamic approach we are committed to achieving total customer satisfaction allowing our business to grow from strength to strength.

The factory’s research facilities have been developed from a wealth of experience from qualified specialist engineers.

Strict quality control at each process and 100% testing, R&D and continuous development of new models make us very competitive to meet customers’ various requirements in the ever-changing market. That is why we are able to guarantee our customers not only competitive price and the best quality products, but also prompt delivery and efficient service. This is why we enjoy very high reputation and makes us the best of success of business.

The factory has developed over the years improving product quality and customer service, thereby fulfilling the major of an ISO 9001certificate.

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