Why do hotels need in-room safes? What must hotels know when buying in-room safes?

Hotel Safes

When people talk about traveling out of town, state or country, a hotel is the first or second thing (after travel tickets) they think about. But staying in a hotel and leaving their belongings there when going out raise suspicions in their mind about the safety of valuable things like confidential documents, jewelry, laptop, cash, etc.

Thus, hotels need a solid strategy that keeps new customers coming in while maintaining their trustworthiness and reputation. For that, the first step a hotel business owner can take is to buy in-room safes and install them in every room or at least upgraded rooms.

We understand that investing in in-room safes might seem like wasting your money on something that is not needed. But the truth is that in-room safes have become an essential feature for today’s hotel businesses.

Do you want to know why in-room safes are necessary for hotels these days? Then, keep reading further.

  1. Increased customer confidence

When a customer comes to know that your hotel provides in-room safes, they will be more confident in staying at your hotel. In today’s time, a large number of people carry cash, jewelry, and laptop that they want to be safe at all costs.

  1. Enhanced customer satisfaction

When your guests have a smooth and worry-free experience at your hotel and don’t have to wonder about their valuables’ safety over and over, it ultimately leads to higher customer satisfaction.

  1. Provides Ease of Storage and Avoid Crowding

Adding in-room safes in your hotel rooms will streamline the process of storing guests’ valuables.

Your guests will not have to wait any longer at the front desk to have their precious items stored. They can easily store them in their room by using a code of their choice.

For most guests, it provides them with peace of mind as they can see their items secured in an electronic safe than having to trust a hotel’s employees.

Tips to Remember When Buying and Installing In-Room Safes in Your Hotel

When you buy in-room safes for your hotel or accommodation facility, there are a few things you must consider:

  • Have a master key or code

Though guests choose to enter a code of their choice to open and close the electronic safe, you must have a master key or code that can be used in case a guest forgets the combination code.

  • Get swipe cards for in-room safes

Though digital combinations are traditionally used for opening and closing safes, you should also get swipe cards for in-room safes because guests find them easier and faster to use. A lot of people feel uncomfortable when asked to remember their codes.

  • Get in-room safes with the audit function

It is critical that the in-room safe you want to buy is equipped with an audit function. Since hotel in-room safes come with a management override function, there are chances that a guest could accuse the staff of your hotel to gain unauthorized access to the safe. Thus, buy an in-room safe that has an audit function that allows you to list up the recent opening times of the safe.

  • Get in-room safes bolted down

Lastly, we would recommend you to secure in-room safes in your hotel bolted down in case any of your staff members or guests decides to take the safe with them.

When people find out that your hotel offers a more reliable safe storage option, they will be more willing to book a room in your hotel than that of your competitors.


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