Supreme Series Hotel in-room Safe

No other safe on the market can even closely match the new J.SH Supreme series, with its impeccable construction and contemporary style, the new Supreme series combines the best of our past models with cutting-edge technologies of the present, the series is a result of many years of experience on safe construction.

The Supreme series includes a unique design for the safe door and frame, the series is design for small external dimensions and considerably large interior volume.

The series includes a selection of sizes in order to meet the specific needs of the surrounding in the Hotel room and Cruise ship.

Supreme Series of Hotel Safes, In-Room Safes

The JSH In-Room Hotel Safe range includes:

  • Supreme Hotel Safes 801 Tablet size
  • Supreme Hotel Safes 802 15” Laptop size
  • Supreme Hotel Safes 803 17” Laptop size
  • Supreme Hotel Safes 804 17” Laptop size
  • The supreme hotel in-room safes have digital code locks and or magnetic swipe cards, which the hotel chooses.

JSH Hotel room safes are designed for easy use, the hotel guest enters their own 4 to 6 digital code on arrival.

With an automatic time delay internal door light, the In-Room safe can be positioned within an existing wardrobe or cupboard.

JSH in-Room safes have a full audit software feature showing the opening and closing operations.

  • 100 Event audit trail on hotel safes
  • 400 Event audit trail optional safe logger unit (SLU)
  • Emergency opening of the in-room safes by SLU

Provide Guests with Peace of Mind

Our in-room safes are designed keeping in mind the needs of hotel guests, who want to keep valuables, jewellery, money, and passport safe. Since our Supreme series comes in a wide range of sizes, you can select safes that are the right fit for your hotel.

The guests in your hotel will be happy to have a safe and secure place to keep their valuables if they are heading out of their rooms. These safes have spacious interiors and can easily accommodate high-value items that hotel guests generally carry with them.

Fulfil a Need of Hotel Guests

When people travel, they are always worried about losing their money, passports, tickets, jewelry, phones, medication, and even laptops. Now, you can cater to the needs of your hotel guests by installing these in-room safes so that they can leave the room without worries.

Our hotel safes come with solid construction and look stylish. They can easily fit discreetly into wardrobes and smaller nooks in the room. The looks of the safe can easily blend with the trendy décor of the room without a problem.

Technologically Advanced Hotel Safes

At JSH Security Marketing, we take pride in being innovative and providing safes with modern technology. Our wealth of experience has enabled us to create the Supreme series of safes that are perfect for hotel rooms and cruise ships.

These safes have either digital codes to lock and unlock, and that empowers guests as they create their own codes. That ensures a third party cannot gain access without the code. We also provide safes with magnetic card swipes that many hotels and cruise ships like to invest in as cards give out a more elegant and higher-end feel to these safes.

JSH Electronic Safe for Hospital and Care Home Use

JHS Digital Code Supreme Electronic Safes have been the choice of safe in NHS Hospitals, Private Hospitals, and Care Homes.

The Supreme range of JSH safes have a proven digital lock, software programmed in-house at the JSH factory to give the very best level of security and management control when required.

By simply entering a 4 to 6 digital code or magnetic swipe card the Guest can have complete confidence that his code is secure.

This simple to use digital display give the operator clear instructions and display when the safe door is Locked or Open Important when the patient has more concerns than how to work a safe correctly.

If required a 2nd magnetic swipe card can be programmed by the Guest to allow a friend or carer-controlled access.

All opening and closing operations are logged within the lock’s software and can be read in plain English if required for security by the management team.

This gives both the User and the Hospital or Care Home management team peace of mind if for any reason the User feels a breach of security has arisen.

The Supreme JSH Digital code electronic safe can be installed in induvial Guest’s rooms, or at a central point for example Ward Sisters office. In this example the JSH electronic safe has available up to 6 programable and easy changed or deleted master codes, these codes can be issued by management to members of staff for accessing the electronic safe, this movement would then be registered on the safe with time and date, which code was used, once again giving a high level of security and management control.

The powder coat finish case and ADA Standard approved epoxy keypad are easy to clean.

JSH safes are fully serviceable and upgradable when required giving the purchaser full confidence that the safes will have a very long life of usage.

JSH can also offer a full range of control medical cabinets

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