Drawer Safes

Our drawer safes are designed to accommodate the evolving guest room credenzas. Several options are available including pull drawers and those with hydraulic arms.

Drawer safes feature impeccable construction and contemporary style using plastic injection parts manufacture.

JSH Electronic Drawer Safes

  • Drawer safes D103 tablet safe
  • Drawer safes D104 laptop safe
  • Drawer safes have digital code locks.
  • Drawer safes operation, the user enters their own 4 to 6 digital code on.

JSH Drawer safes have Audit software feature showing opening and closing operations.

  • 100 Event Audit on hotel safes
  • 400 Event Audit Safe Logger Unit (SLU)
  • Emergency Opening of the In-Room Safes by SLU

Discreet Drawer Safes for Hotels and Cruise Ships

When you choose our drawer safes for guest rooms, you never have to worry about the safe marring the look and feel. Our stylish line of drawer safes come with a contemporary design and can easily fit into any décor without a problem. The pull drawer-style design enables you to fit in not only into a cupboard or wardrobe but also into a desk. The design versatility ensures that your guests always have a secure place to keep cash, jewellery, medication, passports, and even digital devices, like iPads and laptops.

Look Beyond Traditional Designs

At JSH Security Marketing, we realise that hotels and cruise ships want rooms to have flair. That is why we also offer top opening safes that can be conveniently accessed. These safes come with hydraulic arms that get into action the moment the lock code is punched into the keypad. Guests require minimal effort to open and close the safe.

Impeccable Construction

Our drawer safes as well as top opening safes come with superior construction. They are strong and use precision components that are created with the help of injection moulding. These secure safes offer quality and will give peace of mind to guests, who have complete control over access. These safes use a 4- or 6-digit lock code and if guests forget the code, they can be opened safe logger unit (SLU) that we provide.

Get in Touch with Us Today

To find out more about our drawer and top opening safes, get in touch with us right away. We have stylish and contemporary designs that will fit into hotel rooms and cruise ship cabins with relative ease. Let us know your requirement and we are certain that we will have a safe that is right for your needs.

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