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Specifications for TOP OPEN Series Model D-104

Dimensions and Features

Dimensions Outside Mm – 200x 480x 451– H x W x D
Dimensions Outside Inch – 7.78x 18.9x 17.76 – H x W x D
Steel Door Thickness – 5 mm / 0.2 Inch
Steel Body Thickness -2 mm / 0.08 Inch
Weight – Kg 20 – 44 lbs
Volume – 20.7 L – 0.73 cuft

– Two 5/16 inch chrome plated solid steel locking bolts
– Scratch-resistant
– Rustproof
– Recessed door
– Built-in flange
– Pre-drilled anchor holes
– 4 AA batteries (included)
– ISO 9001
– RoHS Compliance

Series D-flat

The series D is simple for guests to understand and use – there are no complex instructions. The safe is operated by a convenient 4-6 digit pin code, chosen by the user.


The state-of-the-art Safe Logger Unit (SLU) has been designed to open the safe in case of emergency and also to perform security management tasks. The SLU is a very easy unit to use and it has an interactive LCD light display with full operational instructions. If there is any suspicion of theft from a safe, the unit can detect and download the last 400 events from the safe, which include – the Hotel name, room number, employee’s name and ID, date & time of each event and the date of print out. This dramatically reduces fraudulent liability claims, saving you both time and money. All downloaded data can be viewed on the SLU screen at all times, and the SLU can be connected directly to a standard or POS printer to obtain a hard copy of the data.

The SLU can programmed to work on specific property , that allowing each Hotel to set their own Override codes, in order to open safes in emergency cases. The SLU allows 4 programming security levels in order to control the programming of the users. Different authorized users can then operate the SLU by setting their own codes.

The SLU unit includes a “self” audit memory up to the last 500 events on the SLU itself, including the user ID, time & date, room number, and the type of events the user operates with the unit ( like open safe, download data, changing programming …) This report is immune to power failure or attempts at deletion.

Safe Features

Can hold an 17″ laptop
4 to 6 digit codes
ADA-Compliant illuminated epoxy* keypad
Large LED display
Automatic inside light
Floor carpet
400 events audit trail printable with user name, date and time and operation (opening, closing)
Auditory and visual operating signals
Self-diagnostic troubleshooting
Low battery indicator
Motorized locking system
Emergency opening and security management tasks with the SLU
Security Management Software
Fiber-reinforced plastic
Two hydraulic arms

Safe Options

Card swipe for opening and closing (DC Option)
spring loaded door
security cable
Power outlet
AC Adaptor
Cross Key override
Custom carpet
Wireless emergency opening
Tamper-proof installation hardware
Left or right opening
Secure pedestal mounted
emergency key opening / key over lock

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