Safe Logger Unit (SLU)

Compatible with all our safes, the state-of-the-art Safe Logger Unit (SLU) has been designed to open a safe in case of emergency and to perform security management tasks.

Very easy to use, the SLU unit has an interactive LCD light display with full operational instructions. If there is any suspicion of theft from a safe, the unit can detect and download the safes last 400 events, including the Hotel name, room number, employee’s name and ID, date & time of each event, and the date of the printout. This dramatically reduces fraudulent liability claims, saving both time and money. All downloaded data can be viewed on the SLU screen at all times, and the SLU can be connected directly a computer.

The SLU unit includes a “self” audit memory of up to the last 500 events on the SLU itself, including the user ID, time & date, room number and the type of events the user-operated with the unit (open safe, download data, changing programming, etc.). This report is not affected power failures or attempts at deletion.

The SLU unit is available for all safe models.

Complete print audit trial, including print-up of up to 400 last Events including :

– Time & date for each event (open / closed) “14 .7.09 10:15”.
– Incorrect guest codes – HOLD 15.
– Identification of service operator with full name – “Robert Johnson”.
– Print audit of service unit of all security users for each event with time and date.
– Date and time of service unit open safe (ID user or override system).
– Full management control on the service unit.

Hotel Management Software

Our SLU Hotel Management Software is the result of more than 30 years of experience in Hotel Security Management solutions and a wealth of accumulated knowledge of what is important, especially for large property hotels. The software maintains a complete record of all operation data of the SLU unit. Detailed reports are available with this system for an unlimited number of room safes.

The reports includes all emergency opening for all safes, identities of staff members having used the SLU unit, all operations performed with time and date. Reports can be printed. The SLU Hotel Management Software is supported by the Windows platforms XP, Vista 7, and Windows 10.

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