Safe Features

Security Safe Features

It is because of the SECURE DCS unique features that we are the major perfectionists in this application.
Please see below our leading unique features:

Custom made to the highest quality standards

Simple intuitive operation by 4-6 personal digital code or credit card

Six digital bright red bold led display units

ADA approved unique epoxy rubber keypad

Complete audit trial, including print-out of up to 400 last events including date and time, hotel name, room number, personal i.d. and name, date of print out (smart series).

Double locking bolts, manufactured from chrome plated solid steel

Self – Diagnostic trouble – shooting on display & SLU with maintenance automatic “battery low” message

Various customizable programming functions

Emergency opening and management control by “SLU”

Buzzer indication for different functions

Safety lockout feature – safe display “CLOSED“ only in case locking bolts is in 100% locked (2 motor Micro switches)

LED feedback for each operation

15 minutes shut-down after 4 fault opening attempts

Locking prevention on LOW – BATTERIES

Programmable personal site code for each project

99 last events readable on safe display

Real time clock on safe display (Smart series)

Low battery power – backup by SLU unit

Programmable different
6 master codes or magnetic cards (optional)

Inside automatic light (optional)

Activator pin (optional)

Power outlet for laptop (optional)

Mechanical key for emergency opening (optional for private

AC / DC adaptor (optional)
lock of safes




flat panel safe lock





telephone keyboard safe lock





lock panel : panel series dc/d option